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Internet Business Ideas! 2 Things to Try!

With so much focus on the internet and almost every household turning to the World Wide Web for additional income avenues, internet businesses ideas are fast becoming a favorite with anyone who wishes to create a home based income or even supplement an existing income. An internet business idea has the potential to become really profitable if it is executed in the right way, with the right mindset and skills.

Before you start toying with the idea of an internet business, think what you want to do and how you can leverage it for your success. The basic questions should be:

1) What kind of skills do you have?

2) How can you use these skills to give something unique to people?

3) Will this unique product or service really benefit your users?

4) How are you going to market your internet business idea?

5) How can you sustain it in the long term and make sure it stands out among similar businesses?

Once you have an answer to these questions, you can look at ways of developing your Internet Business idea further with the help of the numerous online tools and softwares that can be easily bought or downloaded. An internet business idea requires a lot of time, patience and hard work in the beginning so don’t get disappointed if you aren’t successful at first. The important thing is to stay on course and focus on doing one thing at a time. Keeping small, reasonable goals can help you feel more content and motivate you to do more.

For a new marketer, the easy thing to do is to capitalize on existing online business opportunities such as online or affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you are promoting someone else’s products or services without the hassle of creating your own. This may sound simple but again, it requires as much hard work as building an online business from scratch. What you need to do is find a niche that you are comfortable writing about and make sure you write, write and keep on writing till the time your website starts getting traffic. Traffic will trickle in at first but there are a lot of ways to increase traffic to your website such as article marketing and SEO.

MLMs are also a good thing since most present day successful MLM professionals have built their businesses online using concepts such as link building, attraction marketing etc. This can be confusing to say the least so it is actually no surprise that 97% online marketers actually fail.

The one thing common to all of these internet business ideas is seeking the help of a mentor, who has been successful with internet marketing. Having a mentor is almost like someone swept you away from the perils of the online marketing world and led you towards a safety cover. Without a mentor, success is almost impossible because free resources and training programs will not teach you things that come straight from an experienced professional.

Internet Business Idea Review

I knew statistically speaking, there was a 97 percent chance I would fail if I tried to go at the online business alone. I purchased this system and have been extremely impressed. Leveraging and “standing out” is the key to success in the Internet marketing world. Carbon Copy PRO seems to have eliminated all the trial and error that would cost literally thousands of dollars and years of experience to learn on your own. It’s really like a college course on Internet marketing, but simple…lol.

The system gives you a product and teaches you down to the “T” how to successfully market that product. As you know, any product you market or sell requires customers (or leads), this seems to be the biggest struggle among Internet businesses.  Yes, there are many ways to purchase leads, however, in many cases this is like financial suicide. The CC Pro system teaches you numerous ways to market, the majority of them are FREE and the majority of common people don’t know they exist. I always wondered how all these ordinary people were making tons of money and wondering how the heck are they getting their website to the top of Google or Yahoo search engines. Well now I know and I know the majority of them don’t even pay for it!

When I started, I sure didn’t know how to sell anything, let alone anything online. You may not be good at selling or explaining products either. You may not even have a product to sell, I didn’t. This system eliminated any kind of selling I had to do and provides the customer with an extremely valuable product. Surprising enough, after purchasing Carbon Copy PRO, I have not been left in the cold. From day one I’ve had all the necessary assistance and they actually provided me with a sponsor and business coach to kick start my business. I was the biggest critic of any online business, but let me tell you…this company WANTS you to succeed and they have done everything needed to ensure my success and ensure that I am living the life I want!

5 Internet Business Ideas You Can Start From Your Home

Looking for profitable Internet Business Ideas you can start from your home? Here are 5 Business Ideas from my Idea Diary. Each of these ideas have three sections- The Niche Market it targets, What you can do for the target market, and revenue generation method for each business idea.

5 Internet Business Ideas for you to steal, brainstorm and profit:

Idea #1: Start a ‘Food Allergy News’ Newsletter

Niche Market: People suffering from allergy (On further research you will find several sub niches within this group)

What You Can Do: Write or Report about personal experiences/interviews, tips from people who are suffering or got relief from different types of allergy. Report about latest medical news and new product release, related to allergy. [Hint: Start your research with US govt. online resources.]

Revenue Generation: Post your newsletter online sprinkled with Google AdSense and related affiliate programs. When you have about 12-20 issues, select themed articles from your back issues and sale them as a separate package.

Idea #2: Food Writer’s Resource Guide

Niche Market: Food Writer’s/Cookbook writers

What You Can Do: Create a Newsletter for Food Writers. Accompany your newsletter with a paid resource directory for cook book Writers. The directory should be designed such that they can easily find things like -

resources neatly organized for researching about food , related marketing and articles submitting sites, listing of newsletters dealing with food and recipes where they can syndicate articles or advertise, etc. Your aim should be to save time for the Food writers and help them to find what they want to stay ahead in their market.

Revenue Generation:
Use your newsletter as a marketing vehicle for the resource directory. Depending on the content and design of your directory, you can charge $47-$67 per year.

Idea #3: Create an Online Distance Education Directory

Niche Market: Students (Adults) those who cannot afford to travel across the countries and are looking for long distance education.

Content Idea: Research shows that the demand for online distance education is increasing every year. Create a searchable database of distance education courses with the details of programmes offered by the various universities (eg- Different Canadian universities, Australian universities etc.). An useful additional bonus or an upsell will be a ‘how to guide’ detailing the step by step process about how to apply and enroll – an insiders viewpoint for overseas students.

Revenue Generation: Depending on the number of programmes you cover for each university and the details, you can charge $37 -$47 to access the directory. You can use this idea for any other niche where the people involved in the industry need to do a lot of research.

Idea #4: Create Family Vacation Guide (for a specific country)

Niche Market: Affluent families planning and looking for information about short trips or long vacations.

Content Idea: This is a fun project and if you love to travel it should be an easy service to start for foreign travelers visiting your country. You can write about places to see , what to do, tourist special attractions, culture and tradition , heritage tours of your country, culinary tours, historical tours of the region etc.

Revenue Generation :
Paid newsletter /Membership site . Additional revenue form ‘Insiders Travel Guide’ CDs.

Idea #5: Discount Travel Deals for Senior Citizen

Niche Market: Senior citizen (possible subniche -Single Women, Old couples)

Content Idea : Practical & timely info on vacations preferred by travelers in this age group. Information about the discounts and often things they can get free,with details about what age the discount is available for; possible value added service, physical addresses and contact numbers to easily get more information.

Revenue Generation: monthly/Yearly subscription based newsletter OR newsletters supported by advertisement and travel related Affiliate program.

There you go…

5 business ideas you can use as a base to start your research about what you need to do to implement these ideas or use them for brainstorming the possible variations.

However, ideas are of no use if not acted upon. You need to make an action plan and work accordingly. For more detail and complete Business Ideas and Action Plan check out the FREE resource box below.